13-Week Assessments

Video Transcript:

Okay family for the 13 weeks that’s coming up we’re gonna do things a lot differently to try and make sure everybody gets the best possible look at tracking results this is a result based driven facility so it’s never going to go away we’ve got to do these hard time outs there is nothing better than taking a hard time out starting over with new goals after you’ve done your assessments you have new insight new knowledge new education that you can apply moving forward and then we want these like New Year’s Eve just happened no matter what time of year it is so with that being said I hope that you all make it into these assessments into these time slots this is what’s gonna happen differently this time around okay because we have to move the scanner to so many different locations which is a good problem all this grille the scanner takes high views we’re putting it together taking it apart putting it together taking it apart to four different spots so it broke on us last year we don’t want that to happen again because we missed out on a ton of people’s scans so what we’re gonna do this time instead of moving it and shuffling it around which also forces us to close classes so those people that aren’t scanning are missing out on workouts week 13 is just a half week because of all the gym closures this time here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to do all your photographs your before pictures or your after at class level because that way you’re guaranteed to be in we’re gonna put up a privacy curtain we’re gonna get some before pictures in private which we won’t share with anyone without your consent it’s really just for you and I even I cannot stress enough how important it is to get those photos done I always think to myself I don’t need to do these photos I’ll be able to tell the difference or I’ll be able to feel it I’m already in shape I don’t need to do it I’m always so happy at the end of every 13 weeks that I’ve got behind that curtain and did those pictures even if you don’t think you did that well or you did do well it gives you so much insight okay so we’re gonna do photographs at the class level whether you are coming into scans or not then to avoid class closures to avoid abuse on the scanner to avoid a crazy week where no one is really quite clear where the scanner is or what the times are we now have access to a private room – door shut fully private room at Jax beach so we are going to do this we’re gonna do ortigas scans for the first couple dates they have a private room also that way we can scan everybody there so you’re more than welcome to visit Ortega and scan there on the Monday and Tuesday ok then what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna move the scanner once and it’s gonna remain at Jax beach from Wednesday to Saturday and we’re gonna hold as many appointment times as we can that way we accommodate everybody you have more than enough opportunities to come in get your scan that’s where the knowledge lies what’s your BMR what’s your body fat to muscle ratio which is the most important thing we do here fat loss okay but without that knowledge you’re just taking a stab in the dark with results pair with goals it would be like taking your debit card and just randomly swiping not knowing what the balance is in the bank you’ve got to do those scams it gives you an idea of what’s sitting in the bank and what your budget should be what your plan of attack should be so please come in and do those scans it’s going to sit there from Wednesday to Saturday we’re going to do a 6:00 a.m. which will put put out on a schedule 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. 12:00 6:00 p.m. almost every single day with staff on hand to walk you through the whole process to be awesome smoother transition into assessment week we won’t have to close any gems we’ll be able to spend enough time talking with the results and then on week one which is July 20th we can all start turning over a new leaf new goals new education new insight into what we need to do to get the healthiest body healthiest lifestyle out of this program and that’s what we want for you guys but we can’t get there unless you come and consult with us okay so come in we’re going to send out all the plots of times that will all be online body you’re just going to schedule yourself into a slot on my body and just come on it don’t forget you’ve got to wear compression gear for the scanner you don’t need that for your before and after photo but we have to have compression gear then it’s got to be tight form-fitting briefs women’s sports bra and tight-fitting spandex for either shorts or pants okay hair ties to don’t forget we’ll put up a link also if you’re a Vinewbie you can create your account with the scanner before you show up it will save some time I’ll see you all next week