Assault Bike Introduction – Titan Up Fitness

Video Transcript:

Okay so let’s show these simulates a sprint I’m going to educate everybody on them because this is never going away just like squats just like benchpress just like dead lives this will be our staple move along with those idols the reason for that being is that it fits our program perfectly this mimics a sprint because it is short bursts which is what we’re trying to do in here short burst promotes fast twitch muscle fibers which is like a sprinter spot okay lots of other cardio equipment like a spin bike under the company bike the treadmill that is slow twitch muscle fibers those are more long period long duration more endurance based this will be aesthetic based okay it’s great for building vo2 max it is simulating the sprint outside that the difference is unlike a spin bike which uses a break for resistance eventually that strength level is met with a ceiling the break being fully compressed okay so the stronger you get the break can only go so far till the break five minutes tops the wheel for moving on the assault like the resistance cannot be matched that means no matter how strong you are how fit you are it will only work hard the fan is working against your body strength meaning the harder we push the harder this kicks back and it never come to a complete stop because it’s not using a break the other huge difference is we’re using our arms and in certain parts of our workouts we can put our feet up and use it like an herb like a road is there’s unlimited potential with these you can burn depending on your level of intensity your rpms your cadence anywhere from 25 being the lowest 25 calories per minute up to 85 calories per minute that’s why I love keeping these bikes part of our program 85 calories a minute is a glass of wine a minute there is no higher calorie burn piece of equipment that you can get over this is it right I’m gonna walk you guys through so we’re all in the same page and will require you less help in class if you know what to do when you get on this thing and it’s simple just memorization of the seat height so if we look here if you get on it and you push the pedal all the way down with almost your heel on it like this the legs should not be locked up so you see – lockdown so what I need to do drag it down probably one plane ok let’s try five so all I have to do is memorize because I won’t be adjusting resistance it doesn’t matter who gets on or who gets off in my top five now with this thing all the way down my knee has that like many perfect so now every time I get on the bike if we’re in rotation like rotating squats in and out I will just quickly set it to a month now test this seat distance back and forth you’re going to get the arms to where they’re locked side by side you should have a slight bend in the up and right there is about perfect I could probably go back one more so I’m going to do is I’m screwed when you guys are in class move it back one increment and there’s only a couple on the seat so now test the arms there’s this light then that I’m looking for when I’m slightly leaning forward here’s the correct distance with my heel almost flat to the ground I have a slight bend in my knee now we’re going to test how much you should lean or not be better you are going to pedal without using your arms I was gonna require you to opt to lean forward right because it’s hard assistance that is the amount of lean I shouldn’t have if my pants were to come off tilting in while using the full now what you’re going to try and do it’s keep the RPMs and the speed as high as you can love counting calories they work help distance will count time if you can keep your cadence or your rpm above 70 we’re burning calories like crazy the hard part is keeping it up for any length of time which mimics a sprint now here’s the last piece that you need to remember on this screen when it says you’ve burned 10 calories it doesn’t mean you’ve burned 10 calories you probably burn way more than that 10 calories is just a standard measure of energy for the bike the bike does not know your age your height your weight your lung capacity it is measuring it as a standardization you just need to remember you are burning anywhere from 20 to 85 depending upon those rpms and how hard you’re actually working if we can burn nearly a glass of wine every minute in class and pair these with lips you guys physique by the end of 13 weeks we’ll see dramatic differences and the key part with this thing it is not long duration it’s not gonna mess up hip flexors there’s no impact and beating like there is on a treadmill low-impact very very very low risk very high return so excited to start bringing these into the program just remember to take care of them let’s keep twisting these people locked and if you spray it down please swing the rag first and wipe will never spray the CPU let’s have some fun good luck is going to be extremely hard but these are not going anywhere so we might as well get good at them and really practice just like we do with our lives we will become better better actually because of these