A quick look at our detailed workout plans

Video Transcript:

Okay then what we need to tell them is why we’re doing this it’s a guesstimate because if you complete the chart with some struggle the number involved should be your one rep max that’s why we’re doing this we’re also doing this to build strength because it’s a strength training doesn’t mean everybody’s strong it’s why we’re doing it it’s training to become strong week ten we can ramp up and go a little harder after we built some strength this week so it’s a total shift of gears we’re gonna do seven rounds which is how we start building strength okay hypertrophy is like three to four rounds we’re gonna increase so we can start getting stronger okay so here’s what’s gonna happen they’ll start off patient spotting each other calculating and they’re just gonna do a sprint and twenty-five military sit-ups with their feet locked under dumbbells so you need that out full military sit up to twenty five at the end of those sets eight three and two now here’s the key with the spring NFL athletes can get their heart rate up in a 40-yard dash because they’re explosive powerful they get up to speed really fast okay the average person here needs a heal will hunger distance than forty yards to really achieve what we’re trying to get out of a sprint so at Jack’s speech we use the entire sidewalk out front it’s 80 tons so even for me by the time I get towards the end my body is gassed out I feel like I’ve really exerted myself and I’ve got up to my max speed so we need to adjust the distance of the sprint so that everybody has that chance they should be equally as written winded as if they just ran paved mine that’s how taxing a sprint should we okay you watch Olympic athletes do it at the end of 40 yards for the end of a 100-yard dash are smoked takes them all day to recover that’s the effort we need okay and then military sit-ups but they’re doing that for four sets which will land into them at four sprints spread out not taxing us here because they’re spread out and they’re allowing us more rest and recovery here and then we’ll arrive on a hundred military sit-ups for the day which is building strength for our core Sprint’s are building strength of our overall body and then this is building strength towards our press press movements chest triceps shoulders okay so that is the key they need to understand