Fat loss without moving

Video Transcript:

So a friend told me man I hate running I don’t want to have to do this but I’ve gained too much weight on quarantine I got to start running it just makes me miserable but that’s the only answer so I think think about it like this right that’s how I explain it have you ever seen the TV show where like somebody gets stranded out at sea they’re lost at sea have you seen what those people look like when they’re finally found by Coast Guard they are skin and bones did they do any running why lost at sea what about a prisoner at war they’re not doing any running they’re barely even moving but look at the way they appear when they’re finally freed they’re finally broke out skin and bones what running if you don’t like running why are you doing it you don’t need it for fat loss of course we need exercise for internal health and mental health but pick a form of exercise that you actually like and more importantly do it do it sustainable do it because you enjoy it and create a calorie deficit which is what those people I listed the person lost at sea the prisoner at war that’s just a calorie deficit hard at work what running not running anywhere so if you don’t like it don’t do it this is for the long haul pick something you can stick to and just keep your calories in check and enjoy your life.