Take a Leap

Video Transcript:

[Music] let’s talk about the fear of coming in here for the first time i can totally relate to you being afraid to coming in here and the fact that you think that you need to be an athlete or you need to be strong or you need to be at a certain level but let me explain to you from my viewpoint where wrestling and mma that i did for a short amount of time i was scared to death i was afraid to walk in there because what i pictured was everyone glares at me they’re all way better than me and they beat me up and they send me home injured it’s exactly what your picturing is a bunch of really fit people staring at you when you come in but i guarantee you it is completely different than that because we sub group we don’t have open gym space like your big box gyms where everyone turns when you come in the door the group has already been greatly reduced into a small small small private class and then in that private class we’re gonna break you off into a tiny little group of two or three humans who are right at your skill level all of the fear i promise you will disappear you’ll feel right at home we’re gonna start you off very slow we’re going to focus on form you will not be thrown in over your head no one’s going to be there like the mma gym just ready to beat you up and you’re going to be able to scale this thing as if you’ve been here are planning on being here which we hope you do for a very long time you can scale this thing as slow as you want it doesn’t matter if it’s your first day or you’ve been here for 10 years you’re gonna love it and we also provide you with a week free just to prove it to you you