WHY are you a trainer?


All right for today’s story or rant which I do once a week on the website if you ever miss these there’s stacks of them once a week it’s like little mini TED talks on they’re on tighten up fitness calm simple to find at the bottom all in order but anyway today’s rant or story I had a friend who’s a trainer you know we I talked to people there in Fitness all the time so my friend that’s a trainer just told me you know I’ve got this one client that they’re brand new they’re like Gumby they’re not coordinated they don’t listen you know it can be difficult at times and they were just saying how they didn’t want to train them anymore it’s just not it’s not easy right it’s not working now it’s not their style but I try to change their mind and hopefully maybe they see this video that will change their mind it’s not always going to be the athletes that you train they’re not gonna start out in perfect shape no one comes into a gym in perfect shape and if anyone does come into a gym it’s for a reason they’re looking for something everyone’s looking for something different so I thought about it and that client that they are speaking about it reminded me of me starting out you know if you take my 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. classes now at Jack’s Beach those people most of them have been with me for years years and it immediately clicked for me that used to be those people nobody walked in perfect nobody walked in knowing everything running the show leading the pack setting pr’s their mechanics weren’t there they weren’t strong by any means now they are years laters because I pride myself in in finding those people and molding them right that’s why I’m a trainer if you’re not into that and you only are selective and cherry picking who you trained what kind of why are you a trainer in the first place right shouldn’t be one if you say oh I’m tired of training that person because they’re difficult because they’re not strong or they’re not coordinated they don’t listen I’ve got people now there’s females to blow my mind in my five thirty six thirty who walked in like Gumby and now if you turned them loose in a in a big box gym baby on the squat racks the benches plates facing in resting properly lifting more than the guys who have been at those big box gyms for years showing them up I mean I have warriors it’s like a Westside barbell version on a smaller scale with these females that I’ve created and watched comb through the racks that’s why I’m a trainer so I know if I walk out of their life they are savages they never started there but they’re there now and I just keep looking for the next and the next and the next and turning that leap script around on where they started versus where they thought they could go versus where I take them right so any of you that train anybody don’t give up on those people I’ve got two full tribes of those people who used to be half of what they are now and I’m not talking about the way they look I’ve got leaders at each rack where if I leave and walk away I’ve got a captain at each rack that can run the show without me and that’s exactly why I started this is to educate people to the level that I become obsolete right I guess I need to track down that client and reel them in and bring them over to me anyway I hope that makes sense that’s what training is about it’s not cherry-picking it’s not pretty every day and you don’t get to have it perfectly set and it’s never easy that’s why you do it is to watch them watch them change