Exposing your education level on fitness & nutrition

Video Transcript:

All right so this is today’s rant and I’m not exactly sure when these myths started or when these these beliefs started like that cardio gets you lean and carbs make you gain weight right so it’s like funny how the the myths almost mirror each other between nutrition and fitness they’re both just covered in them because in both industries there is so much money to be made and people have figured out ways to make profit off that off of people’s mis-education on both topics so what I try to get across to people is this I am NOT saying don’t run and I’m not saying any sort of diet is the right one for you what I am saying is that I want you to be smarter and more educated and I want all of my clients to be more wise than to believe that cardio and eating no carbs are the answer to the physique that they want in fact not even the answer I don’t think either of those things would or even helping you a bit towards getting the body that you want getting the results that you want so as soon as someone blurts out you know I’m doing the the no carb diet or I’m gonna start running 5 miles a day to get lean it is a direct it is basically like putting your hand up and saying I am uneducated on these topics I need help right so I just can’t help it cuz I want to help everybody I want to change people’s perspective and and get them to wake up and I think when people do that I’m going on the no carb they know when actually when you question them actually really no supply that that works it’s just something that they heard it’s just like repeating a rumor Oh someone’s so set no-carb it must work so I’m just gonna say it out loud or Oh so-and-so is a runner and they’re lean so it must work so I’m just gonna run to get in shape um neither of those things work one if you were educated on the subject you would know that fats healthy fats actually hold nine calories per gram which is higher than carbs so by cutting carbs not only are you killing your energy but you’re not getting rid of the highest calorie per gram macronutrient so it doesn’t even make sense to begin with if you wanted to lose weight and cut calories cutting fats would get you there faster because that’s the most calorie dense macronutrient that there is just follow me on this one and then with cardio it’s when people say oh you know I’m gonna run a ton one there’s a lot of things that happen there one if you do too much of that which a lot of people are guilty of you run the risk of eating all your lean muscle up your building slow twitch muscle fibers and the body deems muscle least important as far as conserving energy for later so it’s gonna hang on to the fat it’s gonna peel the muscle off get rid of this I’m dying this person’s making me run really far again at a slow pace I don’t need this muscle that’s unnatural let me get rid of it let me shut it off your metabolism then tanks because muscle controls your metabolism so by saying you want to get lean and shredded by running there goes your muscle there goes your metabolism here comes a bunch of slow twitch muscle fibers and then you have to eat less to stay ahead of that then you have to eat less and less and less and it’s a downward spiral all the while your skin’s not fitting any tighter because there’s no muscle there for it to grab I could go on and on to about nutrition and no carbs I mean you’re gonna have zero energy it’s just not the I deal said she was sorry situation for anybody I just want you guys to be wiser I want you to be smarter and if my doors god forbid were too close I don’t want you standing in the street saying hey no carbs and I’m gonna run a lot to get in shape right same thing goes for situps you can do sit-ups till you’re blue in the face it doesn’t mean you are ever going to have abs it’s not the key so think about that too when you shop around for another gym what they’re selling you if they’re selling you a fat burning exercise the lightbulb should go off in your brain there’s no such thing as a fat burning exercise and if they’re telling you that we do a lot of core work to get abs a light bulb should go off there and if they if you ask them what are the best exercises for burning fat what are the best ones for building muscle watch what they say that’s a sure way to find out who’s educated on the subjects and who isn’t because there is no difference Benj squat deadlift pull up one arm row all of your compound movements are the best for burning fat they’re also the best for building muscle because exercises were never in control in the first place it is your calorie consumption surplus or deficit and where your protein levels sit so I want you guys to wake up hopefully this helped not saying don’t run do it if you enjoy it if you’re competing go for it if you want to supplement some running on your days off there’s nothing wrong with that but I want you to be smarter than to believe it is the answer to your problems