Give the right program the right amount of patience

Video Transcript:

All right so today giving the right program the right amount of patience so I tell this to clients all the time that you know I think a lot of them because we hold a 13 week program they’re under the impression that in 13 weeks a miracle is gonna happen and that’s not the case and what they need to understand is 13 weeks is just simply the shortest amount of time that you could expect to see a change that you’ve implemented so we use it as a perfect length for a time out on the field right so that’s when we take a hard stop and say hold on before we get too far let’s make a tweak and make an adjustment revisit this and then apply it and move forward so that’s simply what the 13 weeks allows us to do which no other facility is doing they’re not taking that hard time out and saying hold on let’s steer this ship in this direction we were getting a little off there okay you sign up for an ungodly amount of time and nobody checks in with you again you’re left to be accountable and held all on your own right so giving the right program the right amount of patience now if people are to stick to the 13 weeks and do another one and another one and implement our simple process those are the humans that see the best results and what is frustrating for me is the trainer is and this is part of today’s rant is giving the right program the right amount of patience and giving the wrong ones all of the patients that they have for example you know I have clients where they’re like well I didn’t do as good as I thought in 13 weeks so I’m gonna take a break what are you gonna do in the meantime when you’re not lifting weights with us I’ll go back to running right and let me clarify this there’s nothing wrong with running I just want you to more educated than to believe that it is the answer to your problems do it if you enjoy it but if you’re doing it to solve a problem like your physique it’s not going to happen for you and it never will okay when people tell me that and they say oh well you know I’m just gonna go back to running you know I ask them you know how long have you been doing that or how long has that been your go-to move well I’ve been running for five six years now and that’s where things get I just I can’t understand I can’t grasp it because they’re willing to give that form of exercise five six years of patience but with lifting weights and doing our methods it’s given a thirteen week maybe a six month at most timeframe for them to see results oh it didn’t work I’m going back to what what works for me well what you were doing isn’t working for you because you’ve been doing it for six years now five years now expecting the same results that you had when you were twenty years old which your metabolism was different then you maybe carried more lean muscle than some of that has peeled off so I want you guys to try and think about that and give things a chance things take time give the right program the right amount of patience