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So at tighten up Fitness we want you to visualize our groups the way we see them which is small private and intimate you get all of the attention that you need because we limit attendance and our scaling pod system allows you to feel as if you’re the only person in the room for the entire hour that you spend with us so I’d tighten up fitness we want you to know that you can come in untrain you can come in with zero experience it could be your first day or it could be your three thousandth day all of our groups scale in a non-threatening environment where it builds a sense of community where you’re grouped together in our small private groups but it also allows for competitiveness so that way you’re pushed but you’re not pushed too far you’re never held back you are right where you need to be always with tighten up Fitness we also want to make it clear at tighten up fitness that any goal you want to achieve can be set because our foundation all the items that are involved are geared towards your goals so it doesn’t matter what that goal is with our strength training program our nutrition program adding lean muscle the concept remains simple we add lean muscle your metabolism climbs your body fat drops any goal is achievable in a short amount of time [Music] we want you to realize a tightened up Fitness that you can slowly adjust to any workout that we do so in the first five minutes of every single session we do practice rounds of what the workout actually is that way we can place you in the right spot we can correct your form the trainer can offer you modifications for any injury or any need and that way you’re always in the right spot and there’s always a way for you to slowly digest the workout as it’s being delivered and that also allows you to stay injury free because the best warm-up plan is warming up with moves that you’re about to do and three fill that burn and two and one let’s switch sides also what you need to understand it tighten up Fitness is that we use the proper frequency with our muscle group splits for example if we were to take squats and we know that squats is the number one way to shape your legs if we only did squats once a week in our 13 week program that would be 13 chances at improving your ability at that and then ultimately improving your legs so our frequency is right to where you are pushing yourself and getting the most that you can out of the exercises that shape your body while at the same time providing you with enough rest to where you’re not overdoing your joints and ligaments and muscle [Music] so if you were to picture our training on a daily basis I want you to picture a pie chart and within that pie chart for each day we have a healthy balanced okay we have a healthy balance of strength training core strength and cardio and every single day delivers the right amount to get you the correct balance in order to check every box so it tighten up Fitness we also have a complete balance because we also loosen up so at the end of every single session you will be able to do custom mobility and custom stretch work which is where it serves you best post-workout you’ll be able to lengthen your muscles decompress and take your time doing a complete cooldown guided by a professional in a group setting for the right amount of time to undo the tightness that our program put on the muscles we’re not getting nice and tall five dresses so I want you to visualize 13 weeks and that’s exactly what this entire program is is a 13 week program which lasts 91 days and the power of that program is in those small day-to-day activities that we achieve for our 91 day segments that’s where small things and visualizing small items add up to giant goals if you were to take an extra 40 grams of protein a day for the 13 weeks which is 91 days that would be an extra three thousand six hundred and forty grams of protein changing your body the way it needs to be changed so any small goal can be amplified when viewing it in a 13 week segment so with this 13 week program I want you to grasp the power of what we can actually achieve so it is the only program that allows you a hard stop and it gets us a chance to consult with you privately and do a temperature check how are we feeling about these results how are we feeling about your progress thus far how are we feeling about your nutrition we meet with you individually and spend that time taking a hard stop to check on how you’re feeling and how you’re doing and how much progress you’re making or aren’t making and then we start back up with week one which is like New Year’s Eve wants you to picture seeing a workout board and the number one written on it for week one the mindset that that brings it allows you to have a fresh start and no matter how well you did or didn’t do it allows you a new beginning and that makes a powerful program [Music] so with your membership at tighten up fitness it includes an entire 13 week nutrition course now we’re not talking about a manual that we hand you and say here read this and figure it out we are talking about a digital program that delivers one lesson a week so it can be digested and absorbed and learned at the pace that nutrition needs to be delivered each week brings a new goal a new learning piece of material and a PDF for you to work on that week lesson from home at your own pace now if you apply that nutrition program to a sound workout plan we have unbelievable results this nutrition plan is also completely balanced we don’t believe in excluding items we don’t believe in restricting we want you to enjoy the foods that you already enjoy and find a healthy way to make everything fit so there’s an all-inclusive nutrition plan that accepts any variety of diet or fueling that you may already be doing would you buy a car without an engine it’s like signing up for a gym without a nutrition program let me tell you Fred Flintstone he doesn’t need an engine and he’s doing just fine member all of the content is available 24/7 so it’s in the palm of your hand on your phone or on your computer head over to take nap fitness calm if you have questions you can call or email and we look forward to supporting this challenge [Music]