Man and woman working out in gym

Dialing in volume with your workouts

In the most simple and basic of terms, the optimal volume range for most people is: For each bigger muscle group: about 60-120 total reps PER WEEK. For each smaller muscle group: about 30-60 total reps PER WEEK. In more specific terms, this breaks down like this: Chest: 60-120 reps per week. Back: 60-120 reps per week. Quadriceps: 60-120 reps per week. Hamstrings: 60-120 reps per week. Shoulders: 30-60 reps per week. Biceps: 30-60 reps per week. Triceps: 30-60 reps per week. Calves: 30-60 reps per week. Abs: 30-60 reps per week. And there it is… my recommendations for the optimal volume range. Can more or less volume also work? Yeah, it’s certainly possible. However, this is once again NOT about what can work. This is all about what works best.