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Breaking down compound and Isolation movements in our TUF routines

Video Transcript:

So a lot of our members here yet so they get awesome results and it’s what’s so cool about working out is it doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight gain weight lose muscle gain muscle lose fat this program provides them with all of it and we have to give them all the tools right so that’s all surface level that’s all aesthetics beyond aesthetics and beyond just wanting to look good and feel good we have a social component here at tighten up that it just cannot be matched my name is Andrew Decker and I am the creator of tighten up fitness [Music] if we took away the results we take away the fact that they dropped pant sizes I think that they would still tell you that they are thrilled to be here just for the the social component that’s really why they’re here yes so my father was really the reason I got into it at all you know like you know when you’re a kid your dad’s like invincible right and you look up to him you know and he would flex and I remember trying to squeeze a little bit of skin off of his bicep and there’s just nothing there even today 75 looks like he’s 55 and he showed me the ropes we had a weight set on the patio he would teach me the lifts and the form and all that it was so sustainable he would do it every day he was never hurt he was never injured he would just continuously do it and he would do it Monday through Friday and I was like this is awesome so my mom was worried about me actually getting picked on so she hires me a personal trainer right so I had my first personal trainer I was like 14 the trainer was amazed how much I already knew you know and I and that I had such a hunger for it that’s because my dad had been prepping me since a kid I wanted all of the benefits that that this fitness program brought me and my father to everyone else I wanted to translate it to the rest of the world the mission from day one was not to be liked it wasn’t to become popular you know bench-pressing for women deadlifting for women it was not popular when we started from day one and when you set out to be popular or to be liked you just set yourself up to to compromise you’ll compromise your own beliefs I set out to educate right using just the facts to deliver results the byproduct of that was popularity because that’s what made us unique this doesn’t matter if you’re a high school athlete if you’re a professional athlete if you’re a stay-at-home mom soccer mom if you’re a dad anyone can do this program because it’s so scalable yes so we offer everything from weights through a whole nutritional program along with trackable results so they track their entire bodies changes from front to back and it gives you the feel of personal training because of our small private groups so we’ll have a group of 18 but a subset of for beginners people with modifications people that have special needs and then we’ll have another subgroup of another for clients that are a little more advanced and then a little more advanced and a little more advanced you’re never going to be thrown in over your head but you’re also not going to be held back so it’s not you and of 18 people it’s you and your subpod of your skill level they are used to the same person being next to them and that workout and our unique pod system that they just keep coming back really just to be around your friends and that is what gets them results it also creates accountability like if I were to know that my best friend is gonna be in my nine o’clock class and we’re gonna be in the unique pod system together that’s gonna keep me coming back because I know if I don’t show up he’s gonna let me know right so we offer a full nutrition program not just a diet sheet that you’re gonna take home and throw out there’s a full nutritional program a coaching program on nutrition with audio books visual books and it’s scalable to everyone where you learn the basics first and then you graduate to other levels because we want people to learn our whole thing here is not just what you’re doing but it’s why you’re doing it so the Titan himself is is just it’s a figment right as does he exists no one knows how old he is he’s never spoke but you can feel the presence of the Titan in every one of our facilities like he’s just analyzing and making sure everything’s on track right he sets the tone he’s like the regulator so he’s allowing me to continue for now unless I slip up then he’ll cut me from the team [Music] if you are looking to just have a blast every day have fun with your friends hang out in a gym environment and get some results you know on the side then you can call us text us email and we’re all over social media so come have some fun with us