woman in black tank top doing push ups on a grey concrete floor

Breaking down a Push-Group routine at TUF

Video Transcript: okay the idea here what we need to get across to the clients remember this is a learning based gym we are going to do here a vertical push movement and then from the ground we’re going to do a horizontal push movement between the two of those that takes care of almost every single push group the body has shoulders chest triceps okay so we already practiced the form here for overhead press and the idea is that it goes now last week week one we did three sets now we’re doing four progressive overload just asking the body to do a little more than it was previously used to do it three sets now four we’re also going to add weight with overhead press twelve ten eight six when possible try and make it more difficult as you go now the idea with push-ups there’s two things in this gym that we need to get better at is pull ups and push-ups okay push-up form the idea with the rep ranges is it gives everybody a buffer whether you’re proficient at push-ups or you’re a beginner we have a range the beginners or advanced people will land somewhere between 45 and 100 push-ups that’s great volume especially when it’s being super set with overhead press so for perfect push-ups as soon as they’re done with overhead press at 12 elbows tape tapered forward and through spotter will spot from the elbows we’re going to come to here and practice perfect push-up form the elbow crease here crease of my arm is facing towards the front wall a bad push-up would have my elbow creases facing each other and it would look like that my elbows bending outward this way I want the elbow crease here facing the mirror that keeps my elbows tapered at the bottom like this much better I’m gonna engage the core and stay tight so i don’t sag and I’m not gonna rock off of my quads okay from the knees that’s fine too look elbow crease forward touch lock out touch lock out that’s where i want the form to go we need these guys to start learning a different elbow positioning for the push-ups copy those ranges and it will be a super set here with a spotter from the elbows immediately here take a three-minute break and then repeat adding weight here adding reps here so rep ranges are going down but weight’s going up rep ranges are getting harder and harder and harder even if they have to chop up the push-ups stay there until they finish enough to make it count or total sets