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Energy Balance

Creating a LIFESTYLE setting through activity levels that ensures sustainability. This is step one on freeing yourself from the “food earning mindset” that stems from counting calories in your workouts.

Video Transcript:
For tough nutrition so this round we wanted to go much more into detail on how to arrive at a calorie deficit you guys probably hear me talk about it constantly calorie deficit um is the only way to lose fat so what’s coming eventually in this tough nutrition is tracking how to track how to arrive at a deficit how to enter stuff into my fitness pal and arrive in a good spot wherever whatever your goals may be to build muscle to maintain or to lose fat so we’re going to show you how to do that but before we do that i wanted to show you guys that’s why i’m doing this one i’m not saying my way is perfect but it works for me because it’s sustainable so i’m going to try and show you a sustainable way to arrive at a calorie deficit but first we need to understand energy balance so i’ve shown you guys before that tdee chart which is basically just your energy expenditure you see that very little is based on calories burnt in the gym because that’s time spent you spend 60 minutes here it represents less than 10 percent of your day that’s why i don’t recommend counting calories in exercise because your watch may say oh i’ve burnt a thousand today on my my garment but big deal that represents 10 of your entire day uh it’s insignificant it also trains the behavior that i earned these donuts i earned these cheat meals because i burned 1200 in the workout it’s the wrong mindset that’s not sustainable it’s not give and take you don’t earn your meals i want to show you a sustainable setting for energy balance based on lifestyle instead of this insignificant 10 that you spend in the gym that’s the way i do it it’s based on how i live and i set it so moderately that i can hit that lifestyle setting with my eyes closed i make it no matter what that is sustainable what’s not sustainable is trying to kill yourself in here seven days a week and doing two a days and monitoring and being a hamster on a wheel according to what this watch says i want to get out of that mindset so much more goes into calorie burn than you realize so this garmin watch it doesn’t know if i’ve lifted 10 pound dumbbells or 30 pound dumbbells it has no idea and it also overestimates burn because it’s a guesstimate doesn’t know it overestimates by 37 percent so if you do burn a thousand calories 37 percent it’s so over inflated so we’ve got to get away from that mindset let the other gems do that let that be their method it’s not the method here what do you think requires more resources from the body as far as recovery and calorie burn 10 pound dumbbells or 30. obviously 30 is going to require so much more resources from your body body’s going to have to pull from all different areas that’s why i don’t understand why people believe that heavy weights bulk you up heavy weights speed up the resources that your body burns so i’m going to show you without rambling on anymore the way i do things and the way i arrive at a calorie deficit in the weeks to follow i’ll show you guys how to track food it’s gonna be awesome you guys are gonna hopefully all the light bulbs will go off so follow me through this next segment on how to arrive at a lifestyle setting and free yourself from this calorie burn mentality okay so on your computer it is bmrcalculator.net so calculator.net bmr that will pull up this page now look at this we’ll set in my info which is what i want you guys to do 40 i’m a male 5’7 about 176 as of today hit calculate now look over here here’s my bmr which is how many calories i would burn in any given day granted i did nothing right now here’s what i’m talking about about lifestyle instead of being a prisoner to your watch this is where i set myself okay there’s different categories here daily or intense exercise three to four times a week 2584 calories so what why i do that is because look at the next column six to seven times a week i know you guys may think i do that but i don’t i have days off and what if i travel what if i need a day to do nothing or what if i get sick so this i can hit like i said with my eyes closed okay so i recommend you guys do this one because you’ll hit it no matter what now this will include walks this includes neat meaning i’m not just gonna work out three to four times to tighten up and be lazy i’m gonna do my walks like i normally do those need up meet ups okay or i’m gonna stand at my desk like i’m doing now if i hit this lifestyle setting at my calorie tracking amount for 2584 13 weeks from now i will look exactly the same i may be stronger but i’ll have no less fat on my body i will have not lost a pound i’ll look exactly the same so it depends upon your goal if you want to build muscle you would do a 300 surplus on top of that so if the days i want to build not the days the programs that i want to build muscle i would do 2 800 calories however i have different goals right now i want to burn fat so what i would do is a 10 to 20 percent deficit off of this setting which should be about 200 to 500 calories you don’t want to go further than that if you go further than 20 percent you run the risk of losing all of your precious muscle which controls your metabolism so that’s how we’re going to set our lifestyle based on this okay it is already factored in so when we move forward into my fitness pal i already have my setting i’m not going to eat back the calories that i’ve earned i’m going to just set it at a flat 2300 calories or 22.50 and i’m gonna let it ride for 13 weeks i am guaranteed to burn fat as long as i uphold this lifestyle setting so that is how it’s done now this next chart tde which is what i’m talking about see what it says built with science this is complete science follow me through this here’s my bmr okay which you saw on this previous screen is 1667. that represents this so my 1600 base that’s why this is so large okay so i burn 1600 calories laying on the couch this next one is neat which i have factored into my lifestyle which if you look down here intense exercise three to four times a week includes neat so here’s neat look at the how large of a chart this represents that’s why i want you guys to go on these walks walk the bridge forget running beat your joints up walk stand whenever you can take the escalator take the stairs here’s tef which is the thermic agentic thermogenic effect of food literally eating protein which is why i tell you guys a high protein diet burns calories and then lastly look at this insignificant piece exercise it’s because the time spent is so insignificant you live out here you don’t live in this gym look at this marcus needs some meat um that’s why i don’t want you guys to count calories burnt and exercise let the other gyms do that this is such a better plan and the only plan that’s going to work is a sustainable one so let’s calculate a calorie deficit 10 to 20 percent off of your off of your lifestyle setting and let’s move forward next week in tough nutrition i’ll work with you guys on tracking food