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Neat-Up Meet-Up© with TitanUp

Video Transcript:
okay here we go a new challenge new goals new mindset new progress okay we’ve got to keep pushing the envelope here so this is the challenge since this is a 13-week program it’s 91 days guys this is the challenge for the next 91 days neat if you don’t know what it is it’s just non-exercise activity walking doing chores standing at your desk i’m going to challenge you guys and we’re going to put a hashtag and a slogan to it we’re going to title this meetup meetup so a neat up meetup is getting together with your tribe and walking okay or doing some form of neat anything that doesn’t involve getting your heart rate high just doing it for an extended period so in these knead up meetups it’s fantastic so i tell you guys all the time it’s the secret weapon for fat loss meat burns 200 percent more calories than anything you could do in here for the hour it’s just time spent so why are we not taking advantage of something that burns 200 percent more we’re going to now meet up meet up meet up with your buddies you can even meet up with me let’s walk i do it at least twice a day meet up with your buddies and walk clear your head you can talk about life it’s a great way to unplug from your digital device it’s socially acceptable because you’re outside you can distance yourself meet up meet up here’s the catch there’s always a trick here’s the trick you are not just going to do meet up meet up with your buddies when you regularly would have been active for example for me i don’t skip surfing and say guys let’s meet up meet up i was already gonna be active here’s what you’re gonna do we’re gonna do a replacement so pick a time that you would have been sedentary either working from home watching three hours of netflix pick that time and you’re gonna do just like a healthy swap a skinny mark for a full mark you’re gonna replace sedentary time with meet up meetup take pictures of each other hashtag create a group maybe we’ll create a large group look i think about this all the time people will do 5k run clubs with groups of 50 people that just want to meet up and run forget all of that let’s meet up and walk it’s way way way better for fat loss the body doesn’t adapt to it it doesn’t undo what we do in here for weights it helps us maintain lean tissue because it’s sending the body the right signal that hey this lean tissue is important right if you’re running all the time it’s sending the signal to the body this muscle is slowing us down we got to get rid of it it’s way easier on your joints it’s a beautiful thing meet up meet up you’ve been challenged let’s do it