Things are Changing!

Video Transcript: Fit fam this dude um i was gonna film this inside the gym but class started i got finished too late but this is what i wanted to get across to you guys just cannot believe what has changed um so i’ve been doing this for so long what’s wild is you know where the the party the heavyweight and all the energy used to sit back by rack or five or four five six whatever gym you were at that’s the people that were taking their time lifting the heaviest celebrating those prs just going buck wild but what has changed lately just can’t believe is that the party has now shifted now rack one two and three that’s where the party is like all of a sudden today the noise and the excitement and the energy and the banging of those heavy weights everybody just turns the other way now like what’s going on down there it’s happening everything is changing so once that clicks for everybody at those first racks which used to be um you know everyone at those initial racks looking at the trainer like okay we’re done with the top part what’s next you know and it’s it’s 10 minutes into the workout you know you’re going wait a second how do we get off here um and then racks four five and six finishing with barely enough time to even get to the bottom not anymore it has completely changed the whole room is nearly at the same pace which doesn’t mean that anyone needs to lift any heavier just the intensity is there the rest is there it’s unbelievable the culture and the power and the strength just the focus you know i’m seeing people standing with their percentage charts analyzing it taking their time what gym do you walk into and see people standing around taking the long rest thinking about the next set it doesn’t happen very often it is amazing to see i cannot wait for this next 13 weeks it is clicking guys you’re there very very very impressed