Setting Goals

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Video Transcript: All right team check this out made a bunch of these so they can permanently stay at the gym even though we’re going to use them um for assessments so they’re laminated the simple hacks and education to whatever goal they want to choose so at assessments or if you’re talking to them in class i want to burn fat i’m happy where i am i just want to improve my lifestyle i want to gain muscle okay this is also important to show people that it’s better off you’re better off picking one or the other you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time it’s not likely but it does happen but it’s like james smith said it’s like trying to drive your car fast and be fuel efficient it’s better to just go in one direction but look how simple calories you’re going to multiply your body weight times 10 to 14. that gives them a little bounce a little grace protein look what’s consistent through the whole thing lift heavy maintain strength lift heavy maintain strength lift heavy build strength it’s going to simplify all of these things they make up in their mind and show them how simple it is so every 13 weeks okay sarah let’s pick a goal take a screenshot of this if you follow this for 13 weeks i freaking bet whatever you want to bet the title to my car that you’re going to have the amazing results that you’re looking for.