Women that LIFT HEAVY

These ladies have been here for three years. Why haven’t they gained a bunch of weight? Why haven’t they bulked up? This should raise your eyebrows and wake you up. They crushed their goals due to one simple fact, they received an EDUCATION, not a grueling workout and meal plan.

VideoTranscript: [Music] i’ve been here three years i’ve been here three years yeah we started around the same time i think i thought i was in really good shape when i started and then my before and after pictures of my first challenge i was like yeah i look a lot better now i’m the same exact way when you look back i’m like holy crap that’s what i thought yeah like didn’t look bad but i have so much more muscle now [Music] yeah i kind of was just because i played soccer my whole life so i was used to having like muscle and i thought you know if i start lifting weights i’ll go back to that looking like really muscle and i don’t play sports anymore so yeah i was a little bit nervous [Music] um no heavy lifting has not made me gain a bunch of weight if anything i think i’ve lost weight yeah i mean what about you as well yeah i’ve definitely actually lost weight and gained muscle but you look at your scans i’m like how did i lose two pounds but you get tighter yeah everything looks more yeah and it’s weird how like you actually do shrink so i think because we burn so many calories during the workouts and when squat days i feel like i’m so tired after i do just do one set so i think you’re just burning a bunch of calories and you also have to have to pay attention to what you eat yeah you’re just sweating so much i feel like every day i come here i think it’s gonna get easier on the bike and it never does [Music] i felt better than i ever have i felt so confident and it’s a really good feeling to put on your wedding dress and not be worried like oh i’m worried that this is going to be hanging out or maybe i’m going to look a certain way like i put it on and i just felt 1 000 comfortable yeah i think the same thing and even at dress shopping like all these dresses i knew i wanted something fitted and everything kind of looked good on me and it was just because of my body shape so it was really nice just you know being ready and staying ready also you know feeling comfortable and confident so strong [Music] mmm [Music] you