Boot Camps

Video Transcript:

So this is what’s going to happen boot camps it does not mean we’re doing 45 50 minutes of hit training and mopping the floor with our sweat what it means is it’s just non-specific we’ll just include some push pull press methods we’re still going to lift we still want to keep all of our methods intact there’s just a little less volume which is what you want to do as you’re starting to try and taper down and burn fat into the finish so we’ll do a little less volume than we’ve been doing it will still be challenging we’ll focus a lot on core strength um it will give us more time to do hit but we’re not going to pick the body apart and chisel specific areas it’s the only difference we’re not going to go all otf on this thing okay when you start to do that it’s important that everyone knows if we were to start to do that with boot camp these high rep high volume up the floor with sweat when you start to do that the body elevates its cortisol levels cortisol is not the game plan that’s not what you want it causes stress on the ligaments causes stress on the joints ages you faster it puts the body under so much stress and it sends out the signals to your body it’s literally sending out a stress signal saying this muscle that you’ve developed no longer necessary let’s get rid of it because now we’re fighting for survival and we’re needing to adapt to the new stimulus which is endurance so it’s important we all understand that