How to hit specific goals

Video Transcript: All right now my favorite thing here to illustrate for you guys you see you pick your phase so every 13 weeks we can have a different phase and this is what allows any person to train it tighten up doing the same workouts but having a different goal so my goal might be before the wedding that i do fat loss um a lot of times it’s just maintenance oh that’s the thing with the beauty of tighten up your goal might be just to maintain exactly how you are and we love that and then there’s people who want to gain muscle or gain size and then go back to phase one which is fat loss look at the bottom guys look at the difference between these goals they all are the same that’s why the same workouts apply lifting heavy it’s the same no matter what goal because lifting heavy is the accelerator to that goal it covers the largest area of the body and it causes the most damage therefore the most recovery so you’re getting most bang for your buck if you lift heavy running doesn’t equal fat loss notice it’s not on the list muscle gain it’s lifting heavy fat loss is still lifting heavy look at the only difference here protein is the same the only thing different the calorie setting running doesn’t make you lose weight i’m sorry lifting heavy doesn’t make you gain weight on the scale it is your calorie setting use those calorie calculations which are safe guesstimates on where you should land track your progress i promise you will hit your goals faster using these at home workouts or in gym workouts at tighten up you’ll hit them faster than any other program out there because this is science-based this is real life this is the truth look at it there is no difference besides calories