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How to build muscle

Video Transcript: Search in video okay for muscle build 101 believe it or not there’s only two main things that build muscle or maintain it one is the signal and the second is the supplies or the signal the first part are we sending the signal to the body the three items that are required are the load are we lifting heavy enough through full range of motion damage are we causing enough muscular damage mainly by focusing on the eccentric the negative slowly on the way down with heavy weight through full range of motion stress are we bumping up periodically into higher rep ranges which cause the muscles to become stressed aka the pump that you feel when muscles are expanding okay now this applies mainly calories if you’re not fueling the body it’s like gasoline if you’re not fueling it enough with enough calories mainly protein the body has no reason to hang on to or build more muscle so to ensure you’re building muscle we need to ensure in your program that these things exist