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How to know if you’re lifting heavy enough for results

Video Transcript:

So are you lifting heavy enough?

First of all why why do we want to lift heavy? we want to lift heavy because lifting heavy releases this hormone igf-1 which is responsible for muscle growth stimulating muscle growth and bone growth and aiding in overall body composition so we have to lift heavy to get this body to trigger this response there’s guidelines for this reps in reserve or reps per effort reps in reserve just States how many you should have left in the tank on a set so a set of ten two left in reserve would be I got to eight but I had two left to go it’s complicated for some people so we don’t use it that much reps per effort is just a scale of one to ten we need this set of eight reps to be a 10 reps per effort meaning maxed out but that’s quite complicated so I tighten up we use a different analogy to help people lift heavy enough the weight is heavy enough that you cannot exceed what’s being asked so in this case if it was a set of 10 reps you cannot do 12. that’s how you know you’re lifting heavy enough however the weight needs to be light enough that form doesn’t break so heavy enough that you can’t exceed the number being asked but light enough that form doesn’t break you’re guaranteed to be in the right spot