Video Transcript: So I’m seeing just as things change people posting on their feed and you know everyone’s more crazy than ever to get on some sort of diet so I just I have to put this up to hopefully get through to people you know I see people put up oh thank god for my trainer my trainer has me on track through all these crazy times and it’s Tupperware bins full of stuff they’re prepping on Sunday night stacks and stacks and stacks trying to keep themselves on track and they’re following these strict meal plans and they’re hitting the store and they’re finding all these creative ways to eat the food that they’re being literally prescribed to do but I just cannot help but think and you know I saw someone else put up like oh thanks to my trainer in my gym I’ve successfully avoided alcohol for a month or I’ve successfully avoided chocolate for the last two months how sustainable does that really sound and how often are you going to be able to do those stacks and stacks and stacks of meal plan and meal prep it just doesn’t make any sense any number of things could happen you know this kovat outbreak happens your meal planning is thrown off you’re gonna have beer you’re gonna have chocolate what if you get married what if you go on vacation what if you decide to have kids how are you going to possibly stick to all that and if you can good for you but for the majority of people that is just not feasible so instead try this this is what I try to have everyone do it tighten up and this is what I do so this is why I know it works I’ve been doing it for years all of us have a calorie setting that is titled maintenance this is just common knowledge but common knowledge these days is not that common there is a setting for it there is a setting for maintenance okay and it all depends upon your age your weight male or female your activity level but let’s just let me just show you because I did mine to show you my maintenance level for me would be 2700 calories me I can have whatever I want as long as I don’t exceed 2,700 if I’m at 2,700 I will forever look exactly like I do so if I’m happy with where I’m at that is titled maintenance if I want to gain muscle pack all more pounds of muscle all I would simply do is increase by 300 calories right Marcus that’s it I would start gaining muscle provided I was part of the right lifting regimen if I want to lose weight or lose fat all I would do is reduce 2700 by a 25% deficit that would be about 22 to 21 hundred calories give or take for me that’s my setting and as long as I stuck to that and didn’t go over consistently I would lose weight and I would be losing fat so I hope you guys all realize that it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you’re doing cardio it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you’re lifting heavy in fact lifting heavy speeds up either goal if you’re trying to lose weight lifting heavy burns the most calories and you burn the most calories after you workout because your body’s damaged it needs to repair itself therefore wouldn’t it speed up your calorie deficit right Marcus if you’re trying to gain muscle when you’re at a 300 calorie surplus wouldn’t big lifts speed it up even faster so just think about it like that 2700 calories means I look exactly right here like I do for a long freakin time I can have beer I can have chocolate I’m not stacking Tupperware bins full of food on a Sunday night racking my brain what I’m gonna come up with next and waiting on some trainer to give me a list how can I do that now if I go on vacation if this Cove it happens if Marcus gets sick I take him to the vet no one’s telling me all I do is make sure that on average my calories line up with 2700 that’s it um stop stop it with the restrictions stop doing these stupid things that you will never ever ever be able to keep up for the long haul all-inclusive diet I have beer I drink I eat pizza I drink pizza I have milkshakes I go to chick-fil-a that’s sustainable but I just make sure whatever my setting is I don’t blow through it 20700 it allows me to eat a decent amount you want to eat even more you want to eat more food put on more muscle that’s what allows you to eat more your metabolism speeds up you guys it’s time to wake up it’s the year 2020 come on