Video Transcript: all right so let’s backtrack and think about this in a backwards way let’s just say God forbid you broke one of your femurs you broke your leg your left leg it’s in a full cast no use of it but you still have good use of your right leg and that’s mainly what you use to hobble around on and get to your crutches and get in and out of the car let’s talk about that however long you have that cast on let’s just say it’s four months okay just worst-case scenario when they take that cast off your left leg that left leg from being inactive and atrophy to the muscle that leg if you photographed both legs the one you were still able to use the one the cast just came off of that broken leg will have far more cellulite on it than the right leg why is that is that because that leg failed to do cardio is it because that leg wasn’t doing a bunch of running but what about the good leg that wasn’t able to be run on either you weren’t doing cardio with your good leg you can’t run so how is it that the bum leg has cellulite the good leg is still just fine that’s because muscle is a large metabolic organ ok so muscle mass and maintaining muscle mass is just as important as growing muscle mass that’s what’s responsible for keeping you lean it has nothing to do with running calorie deficit and maintaining muscle mass is probably the biggest factor you could possibly have both of those things together to fight cellulite and getting lean think about it the broken leg scenario