Weight Loss ???

Video Transcript:

So weight loss if you have to focus on it we don’t focus on that it tighten up we prefer fat loss because that’s really what’s gonna be responsible for altering your physique but if you do feel you have a few pounds to lose think about this anyone can lose weight rapidly by starving themselves that just shows that you’re motivated to lose weight the people that can lose weight slowly over time really are the ones that have learned the right fundamentals that have the right relationship with food that is sustainable for years and years and they’ll keep it off the people that are doing it these quick fixes following a diet that your trainer gave you showing up to parties with Tupperware food telling yourself I can’t have that slice of pizza oh I can’t have that doughnut how long do you really think that is going to fly how long is that going to last that just shows that you’re motivated to lose rapid weight really quickly and go right back to the old habits because you haven’t worked on your relationship with food that’s what we do at tighten up fitness through our dietitians group with dieticians of Palm Valley we want to improve your relationship with food show you those fundamentals first learn all of that then ten years from now five years from now even two years from now you’ll still be losing weight you’ll still be trim you’ll still be hitting the goals that you set out to do there is a huge difference in restrictive diet crazy behavior and actually learning a healthy relationship with food okay just think about it what is sustainable for the long haul that is what you need to implement that’s what’s going to fly