Nutrition Coaching

Our facility offers 13 Weeks of Nutritional Coaching and reinforcement from our trainers, every single day. We have the best nutrition coaching program available and it pairs perfectly with our workout plans!


Video Transcript:

What is your goal in the gym if it’s to lose fat and gain muscle get faster no matter what it is it’s all gonna come back to nutrition now save fat loss for example that’s the most commonly seen in the gym world if you want to lose fat you’re gonna have to eat a little bit less every single day now with eating less you’re creating that calorie deficit I don’t want to hear I’m gonna go on keto diet I’m gonna start doing a 21 day fix I’m gonna go detox all weekend yeah these are little changes that are only gonna be effective for a short amount of time how do they all work because you’re creating a calorie deficit now dramatic calorie deficit say if you’re used to eating 2,000 calories a day you suddenly go down to 500 or a thousand your body is gonna be like what the heck and it’s not gonna be able to function properly you’re gonna be hungry and that you’re most likely gonna lead to a binge now if you’re killing it in your workouts and you ask your trainer how much you should be eating a day and they tell you 1,200 calories or less run away you want to be looking at a nutrition focused gym whatever gym that you’re attending and you’re spending all this money and time each week you’ll be working with trainers especially trainers who are partnered with dieticians and are telling you to eat good carbs if any gym tells you not to eat carbs run carbs are delicious and they’re good for you they provide so much good energy especially in these workouts high protein especially it doesn’t have to be meat I know plant-based is really big right now I’m not promoting anything not trying to promote the meat-eating don’t worry about that you want to be eating high-protein good carbs getting those healthy fats in what kind of gym does that well tighten up Fitness is one we’re partnered with dietitians of Palm Valley and we’re a nutrition focused gym now you want to be working with trainers who are passionate about it who know their stuff and can give you the correct amount of information or can refer you to registered dieticians for more information so stop following these fad diets get on board make sure you’re eating enough calories to sustain you through your workout to help you build muscle and lose fat I mean that it takes time this is not something you’re gonna see happen overnight you didn’t gain the weight overnight you’re not gonna lose the weight overnight so check out tighten up Fitness for your nutrition focus gym working with registered dieticians and some really awesome trainers