Workout Rep Ranges & Outcomes

It’s about more than just the physical results 🤛

Video Transcript: 0:08 I’ve been a member of tighten up on and 0:10 off uh since about 2014 0:13 started a new job in a new field and I 0:15 realized that the only way i was going 0:17 to make it into the gym was at 5 30 in 0:19 the morning everything that’s been going 0:20 on in the last year and a half ever 0:22 since * I knew that my physical 0:25 fitness was was integral to my mental 0:27 health i had to make that commitment 0:29 that I’m gonna wake up at 4 30 in the 0:31 morning and get my day started and get 0:33 here five days a week because it’s it’s 0:35 part of the way that i can start winning 0:37 the day it’s been very impactful to 0:41 um you know allowing the world to kind 0:43 of come at me with whatever whatever it 0:44 wants to and I’m able to say you know 0:47 what these incremental changes that I’ve 0:49 made 0:50 have been more impactful than anything I 0:52 ever thought it would be everybody’s 0:54 always focused on the destination right 0:56 like i want to get to that end goal i 0:58 want to weigh 185 I want to bench 315 1:01 but for me 1:03 if you gave me a magic pill to have all 1:05 that come to me tomorrow I wouldn’t take 1:06 it because for the last seven months 1:09 i would really just say that the 1:11 incremental growth that I’ve noticed in 1:12 myself and that other people have 1:14 noticed in me it’s just been really 1:15 fulfilling and i think that 1:18 you know if anybody’s struggling with 1:20 anything you know it’s it’s something 1:22 that can be talked about openly 1:24 ultimately you know this is this is 1:26 about mental health just as much as 1:28 physical health and i think that right 1:30 now like i said especially with what’s 1:33 going on outside it’s really important 1:35 to keep what’s going on inside you know 1:37 physically fit