Spot Training for fat loss

Video Transcript:

All right so for this example I want to use a lot of trainers in the industry are gonna try and take advantage of how gullible you are and tell you that you can spot train here take this booty band strap it to your legs and it’s gonna magically tighten all the skin back there by your glutes these little thick pinched rubber band thing that took me from this do this core routine here’s my seven-minute core routine from home that you can copy and it’s gonna bring out all those ABS and have them rippling so work in progress I’m trying and I’m gonna show you in a few months without a 6-pack you wait infi gonna happen gonna happen impossible and I want to illustrate how and why that’s impossible by using a couple images here of a transformation that we had that would just hopefully get some light bulb to go off for you guys and illustrate why that trainer who’s telling you that is so if we look at Brian’s face right so Brian from the side his entire face as he went through this 13 week program has completely drawn in and become tight he’s lost fat through the neck through the cheeks everywhere now why could how could that happen okay he’s not using a band to exercise his jaw and spot training his face he didn’t get to choose that that fat came off of his face and neck so what makes you think that you can choose where it comes off of your body you can’t [Music] okay because fat loss comes off in terms of net your fat cells as they deplete will shrink the body cannot dictate by exercise where that happens and how quickly that happens okay and the only thing that’s gonna spot reduce or reduce as a whole fat loss is a calorie deficit so if he’s losing fat in his face through general exercise why do you think it’s gonna come off of your abs from doing sit-ups why do you think it’s gonna come off of your glutes for booty veins his face underwent zero exercise okay he wasn’t talking a lot he wasn’t doing cardio to lose fat in his face his calories were in check he stuck with trained strength training and generally all the fat cells shrunk on his body leaving him tighter and leaner overall