Video Transcript [Music]

Okay so here’s a good story for you guys this was just on Friday where my landlord came over he’s by next door now so he came over and we’re in here just had just finished working out and he says to me he goes man because how long do you think you’re gonna be able to keep this up right so I think does he mean the business and he said what do you mean he said no no I mean this fitness program how long are you gonna be able to keep doing and before I can even answer he tells me let me tell you he goes I’ve been in shape my whole life my wife’s a fitness instructor I’ve been doing this forever he goes for 10 years straight I did this high-intensity program called s3 because I was in great shape my lung power I would go skiing every year I was burning all my friends I was in phenomenal shape but it was super taxing you know he starts showing me all the moves they’re tying bands to your waist springing off the floor your typical high impact high intensity interval training lasting for three times longer than it needs to write a full 45 minutes so he says you know eventually he’s pointing to all the parts on his body from all that impact for doing it for 10 years he can’t do it any longer okay and his body has fallen apart [Music] so I just sit there and smile and I said hey I said listen that’s it’s really not what we do you know we do slow controlled movements strength training with tons of rest two seconds down two seconds up moving large amounts of weight over a great distance so we don’t have to worry about being bone on bone or cartilage disappearing our ligaments being torn constantly there’s not as much trauma to the body so really there is no limit to the amount the whole goal behind tighten a program is being able to do it until you’re 70 80 anyone can do this program but until I explain that to him the light bulb didn’t go off that you could actually be in shape by doing something so basic so generic and so slow right it doesn’t always have to be that speed translates to success so that’s what we’re trying to get across with this program that we’ll be doing this well into our later years and again the most successful fitness program in the world is a sustainable one